Getting to know E. A. (Lis) Batten & a Giveaway!

 Today’s interview on the blog is with a relatively new contributor to, but one we have learned to appreciate for her wonderful  tales about Darcy and Lizzy.  E. A. (Lis) Batten is from the United Kingdom and we are proud that she chose to share her stories with our members. It is our hope that, through this interview, you will become more familiar with Lis and her work. Don’t forget, if you comment you may win a copy of one of her books!  Brenda

What are you currently working on and what inspires your muse?

At present I’m working on a Regency story called ‘The Darcys’ Motto’.  The Darcy Motto, to always protect and watch over, ensures that Darcy keeps his deathbed promise to his friend Edmund Bingley and befriends Edmund’s younger brother Charles.  I had the idea of Charles Bingley, beneath his amiable exterior, being more like his sister.  So Caroline was not the only Bingley to have their sights set on a Darcy. With Bingley being a ne’er-do-well I decided to give Wickham a character change too.  But the story is still very much in the early stages and my muse is a fickle being, therefore it could be quite a few months before the first draft is finished and I’m ready to start posting. 

 I really can’t say what inspires my muse; the plot for Desires came to me while driving to the local supermarket.  Names for non-Austen characters are mainly inspired by family history.  In Desires, the portrait painter, Hardy, and the silversmith, Wells, were real people from my family tree who lived in the early 1800s.  The Wrede piano in Friendship would have been made by an ancestor of my husband’s.  In fact, 80% of the non-Austen names come from family research.

What prompted you to begin writing and do you write for other fandoms besides JAFF?

I’ve always enjoyed putting thoughts on paper; poetry for my own enjoyment.  A discussion on the latest JAFF stories online, over tea and a biscuit with a friend one Tuesday afternoon.  Being retired, we both decided to give it a go.  I never dreamt that I would end up posting stories on D&L and eventually self-publishing on Amazon.  I found that I enjoyed writing little stories about Darcy and Elizabeth so I’ve never attempted anything else.  Maybe one day I’ll pluck up the courage to have a go at an original Regency story.

What first drew you to JAFF and how long have you been reading it?

I’ve always enjoyed reading (stories and poetry), a pastime that my parents encouraged.  About a decade ago the same friend who got me involved in putting to pen to paper, lent me a couple of JAFF books.  I loved them and have been hooked ever since.  When I was a child it was mainly Science Fiction, Mythology and Fantasy that enthralled me, no doubt helped by my mother who told me about the fairies that lived in the hedgerows.  Now, many decades later, it’s mainly Regency Romance and JAFF.

Do you prefer Regency or Modern? Do you have any hobbies besides JAFF?

Definitely Regency, although saying that there are some good modern JAFF stories out there that I’ve enjoyed reading.  Besides from researching my families’ past and reading, I enjoy drawing and painting, and making jams and chutneys from the produce of our allotment, while classical music plays in the background, but writing is my main hobby.

What are three of your favorite resources to turn to when writing?

First – the internet is a brilliant resource – there are many wonderful websites aimed at the Georgian and Regency period giving lots of information that I find very helpful.  My favourite site is ‘You Can’t Say That’, and I was recently made aware of the Online Etymology Dictionary, a wonderful resource, but the most used is the online Thesaurus.

Second – books – on my desk I have a small book on British history, a book of English surnames, Phillimore Atlas & Index of Parish Registers and of course my dictionary.  

And last but not least – notebook and pencil – preferable the type that has a little rubber/eraser on the end, so that I can rub out instead of scoring through an unwanted sentence or words.

We hope you had fun learning about Lis and that you will take the time to comment. We know she would love to hear from you and you could win one of two kindle e-books of any of her books if your name is drawn from those who commented. This includes her newest work, FRIENDSHIP, which has just been published!

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Connie Jack

Hello Lis, thankyou for sharing with us! I love reading regency romance! Have a great day!


Lis, I like how you use family names in your stories, I have done something similar or variations of names. Look forward to your new book as I have read your previous ones. Thank you for taking the time to do the DarcyandLizzy blog.


I like how you gave family names have another life in your stories. I wonder what your Wickham will be like this time. It makes sense that a younger Bingley is used to dependence. Maybe he’s clever enough to realize that such a relationship would cool unless there was another connection. The capable Darcy of your next story, he just wants a friend to rely on?


Hello, Lis! Thank you so much for sharing a part of your history with us. I enjoyed getting to know a bit more about you. Your new book sounds so VERY intriguing. I look forward to reading it.

Peggy, aka gabbycat


I have not heard of your writing before this, Lis. Glad to read this interview and know you and other writers in the JAFF world.

nat (Nerina)

I am happy to see that you are still writing. I have all your published books. I was delighted to see you working on another one. in your planned Darcy’s Motto, I worry for Mr. Darcy in that one and anxious to read it. I pray your muse stays with you and keep writing, I really appreciate reading your storylines.

Earlina Jamison

I have also read Friendship and enjoyed it very much. I can’t imagine a Charles Bingley that would be like his sister. Wow, that would be a very interesting read. I can’t wait to be able to read it.

Zoe Burton

Thanks for sharing yourself with us! I’m what my Mom called nibby … I like to learn about other people, and I greatly enjoyed reading about how you came to JAFF. 🙂

Betty Madden

I read this and then followed it with rereading all of her previous stories. I guess they are alright. . .not. I rarely waste my time on alright. And I only reread the goodies. Hurry with the next one.


Wonderful interview. I am curious to see where you take this new Bingley.


Thanks for this interview, Ladies. 🙂 I like the idea of Bingley being more like Caroline, I often wondered how different they were, and they might have had more in common than it seemed.
Looking forward to your new book Lis. I’m so happy you have published ‘Friendship’. I love it. 🙂


I too really enjoyed your book Friendship and shall look forward to reading the very interesting!! one about Bingley.

Lynn Bischoff

I have read Friendship, and loved it.
I look forward to reading this next one. A not so nice Charles Bingley is hard to imagine.

Lis Batten

Thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed Friendship.

Linda A.

I like the idea of a Bingley different from the spineless wonder he usually his. Will have to add is to my TBR pile. Thank you for sharing.

Lis Batten

Hopefully it will be ready to post on DarcyandLizzy by the end of the year.

Jennifer Redlarczyk

Lis, I’m so excited to re-read “Friendship.” I know that you’ve worked hard on it since posting here. Like Carma, I love the historical touches you put into your stories and especially when you did the family tree. Thanks so much for continuing to post with us. Jen

Lis Batten

Jen, I am so happy to be able to post on DarcyandLizzy. It’s a wonderful website.


Great interview. I always enjoy learning what inspires authors. The Darcys’ Motto has an interesting premise, I look forward to hearing more about this title in the future.

Lis Batten

Thank you, DarcyBennett. I’m probably about a third of the way through The Darcys’ Motto and as long as my muse stays with me I hope to get it finished by the end of the year.


I really enjoyed reading this, we have much in common, doing family research, classical music, canning perserves and reading.. I love your stories and thank you for sharing them with us. looking forward to reading more from you!

Lis Batten

Thank you Carmalee, I’m so glad you enjoy my stories and I wish you luck with your family research 🙂

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