Welcome to my Birthday Party!

Welcome to my Birthday Party! I love birthdays and I’m so happy you dropped by to have some cake.  Please tell me which cake is your favorite and if you have a special birthday memory you would like to share, feel free to leave it in the comment thread. I have two eBooks and one print book of A Very Merry Mix-up to give away, so let me know if you would like one. (The print book is available only to readers who live in the USA or Canada.) The winners will be announced on May 21, the day after my birthday.

Have a nice day!  Jen Red ♫

 I LOVE fruit and this very berry pie cake is one of my favorites. Perfect with a cup of tea or your favorite cup of coffee. Shall we? (This one is store bought so I don’t have a recipe – sorry.)

Or how about this delicious Old Fashioned Super Moist Mayo Cake! It’s so yummy. Mmm…. (Recipe LINK)

    Then Carmalee thought it would be fun if she sent me her éclair cake! It’s an easy no-bake recipe, but oh so delicious! (Here is a video link on how to make this yummy treat. (LINK) Last but not least, we have my mom’s favorite Carrot Cake.  (Recipe LINK)

Thank you so much for stopping by to celebrate my birthday. You will find the comment link at the top of this post. Don’t forget to check back on May 21 to see if you are a winner. JAFF folks are the best! Jen Red ♫

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Cheese cake is the best but it can be fattening. I also like cakes with fresh fruits on top and pure butter cake.

Happy birthday, Jen! Thank you for the gifts.

Marilyn Brant

Happy Birthday, Jen!!
For me, I love anything chocolate!! Chocolate cake… chocolate ice cream… chocolate chips…There can never be too much Jane Austen or chocolate 🍰😁. XO

Sonya Holt

Happy birthday! Favorite cake… Yum… Chocolate, Red Velvet and ice-cream cake!!
Had a couple great parties that turned into sleep overs.

Janis Barau
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and many more of the same, Jen! I’ve always loved cakes but had to skip them when my allergy to eggs got worse and I had to stop eating them even in baked goods. So I make an egg-free chocolate cake that includes tea amongst the ingredients! Very moist and delicious, and of course perfect with a cuppa; I’ll post the recipe on my FB page so I don’t take up too much room here on D&L. ♥ I’ve already read and enjoyed the Merry Mixup but would love to win a print copy… Read more »

Happy birthday, Jeni! My favorite birthday cake was always made from scratch German chocolate cake. Super delicious, and the recipe to this day, is printed on the package of Bakers German chocolate. I admit that I don’t know how to include a picture. BTW, I have the ebook already.


My favorite cake is a torte cake. Yellow cake that is 6 thin layers with whipped chocolate frosting between the layers and chopped pecans on the sides.

Joan Rye

Happy Birthday Jen! My favorite cake is white cake with white frosting! Hope you have a wonderful day!


Happy happy birthday Jen! Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating with cake and tea and all things wonderful 🙂 My favorite cake is the white chocolate raspberry mousse cake from Toni’s bakery in Hinsdale…. or a Mango cake or a mocha roll cake… I guess I have lots of favorites, coz I love cake 🙂 Enjoy your birthday!!


My favourite cake is Traditional English Christmas Cake (Fruit Cake) My mother used to make the best ones that you could’t stop eating till it was all gone. One year in an effort not to eat too much I froze what was left after Christmas. BUT Alas that did not stop me, Christmas Cake is just as good frozen with custard as it is by itself.

Pam H

My favorite cake is an Italian Cream Cake. So very rich, but so, so good!


Cake was my biggest weakness when I was pregnant. I think I ate so much of it that now I prefer pie! Haha!


Oh no! I love all the cakes pictures but now I can’t have any sugar! Bummer! My favorite would be a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting tied with a Carrot cake. Sigh. I can eat sugar free cakes but the frostings on those are yucky. Happy Birthday Jen!


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Ginger Brownie Bites, from the plant Paradox Cookbook by Steven R. Gundry MD. It has some wonderful recipes, good and healthy, these brownies are good, no frosting needed. if anyone wants the recipe pm me.


Happy Birthday Jen. If you were here last month you could have joined me in a lovely home made Tiamisu – my Italian Mother-in-Law makes the best. Yum!!


While I do love a good carrot cake, I’m very picky about what actually constitutes being “good.” My favorite bakery recently changed their frosting recipe, thus knocking their once excellent carrot cake down into the “also-ran, thank you for trying” category. Thus my absolute favorite birthday cake is not even a cake — it’s Friendly’s Watermelon Sherbet Ice Cream Roll, served with a simple sauce made of pureed frozen strawberries. It’s perfect for a hot summer day!


I did not have a favorite cake but I remembered my mom used to make a simple pound cake. I did not know how to make it. If somebody knows to make it and would like to share it, I would be grateful. Anyway. Happy Birthday Jen.

Cheryl Mandelker

My favorite Birthday cake is an ice cream cake with chocolate crunchies between the layers.


I’m with your mother. My favorite cake is a tweak on carrot cake (using crushed pineapple and applesauce) with a cream cheese frosting. Ummmmmm. 🙂 But that berry cake looks good. Is it ladyfingers wrapped around a berry torte?

Enjoy your birthday, Jen!!


Those cakes look delicious, I’m going to have to try them. My favorite cake is chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting since that is the kind my mom always made for me.


Happy Birthday my cyber sister, glad to see all of the fun recipes.. they all look so good….

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