“His Heart’s Desire” and “A Mother’s Touch” are now on Kindle Unlimited!

JAFF Friends! In case you haven’t noticed, His Heart’s Desire, along with the companion book, A Mother’s Touch, are both on Kindle Unlimited through July. Check out the blurbs below and find my books at Amazon!

The year is 1802 and the Treaty of Amiens declaring a ceasefire in the war between France and the United Kingdom has been signed. Consequently, British citizens are traveling to the continent for business as well as pleasure. Find out what happens to Fitzwilliam Darcy when he meets Elizabeth Bennet and her Gardiner relations in Vienna. Darcy’s family has great expectations for him, but after experiencing a life-threatening accident, he has ideas of his own. Will pressure from his family force him to marry a cousin he does not love, or will he follow HIS HEART’S DESIRE?

A MOTHER’S TOUCH is a heart-warming collection of short stories inspired by Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. While it is a stand-alone book, it makes a wonderful companion book to Darcy’s Melody and His Heart’s Desire. See Lady Anne through the eyes of her daughter, Georgiana, in Lady Anne’s Quilt. Experience the relationship young Fitzwilliam has with his mother in An Act of Kindness and Our Special Day. Then join Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth and discover how wonderful it is to have Lady Anne’s influence in their lives as they become parents in Our Future.


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